Rooplay | Early Learning with Garfield and Rooplay
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Early Learning with Garfield and Rooplay

Exclusive Garfield Original Games

Early Learning with Garfield and Rooplay

Early Learning with Garfield and Rooplay


You may think that Garfield is strictly for laughs, but as many kids and parents know, Garfield is also helping them learn. Rooplay Media has partnered with the Garfield brand, Paws Inc., to create fun games that kids love. As the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip, creator Jim Davis, believes his iconic orange cat has the ability to reach and teach kids.  “We’re excited to work with a game developer like Rooplay Media who makes content for children that enables them to learn and have fun with Garfield at the same time,” commented Jim Davis.  Davis is also co-founder of the Professor Garfield Foundation which offers free, direct delivery of innovative digital learning content via


Rooplay’s Fun Educational Games

Launched in 2017, Rooplay is a platform comprised of fun and educational games specifically for young children.  Featuring 12 exclusive Garfield games, Rooplay is safe as it has no ads, no outbound links, no social networks, and no instant messaging of any kind.  Fun and interactive, Rooplay has over 500 different games that help kids develop a variety of skills and cognitive abilities. It also offers games with skill levels for children ages 2-10 that allow for adaption, challenge and growth. Parents can engage their children in learning and watch them progress.


Over 500 Games on Rooplay


Garfield Math Bingo for Kids

One of the featured Garfield games is Math Bingo.  In this game, kids can develop their math skills with Garfield.  Focussing on the development of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a charming bingo style, kids can have fun and learn at the same time. Garfield Math Bingo for Kids is fun, educational, and perfect for children 6 and up.  Five in a row makes bingo!


Family Fun with Garfield

Rooplay is also family friendly. With a suite of classic family games, parents and kids can enjoy time together playing games on a shared device.  Garfield Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Four in a Row, Snakes and Ladders, and Chess are all available on Rooplay.  Parents can enjoy the nostalgia of playing the Garfield version of the classics and teaching their children the rules of these classics in an ad-free environment.


Games Support Early Learning

Recent scientific research finds that video games can help kids grow and learn.  Research by Cheryl K. Olsen of Massachusetts General Hospital says that playing video games can help children build fine motor skills, express creativity, and learn to overcome challenges (i.e. mastering a difficult game level).  The benefits of game play are particularly apparent when compared to passive activities such as watching television.  Mastering a game requires concentration, reasoning skills, hand eye coordination, and many other cognitive abilities.  

The American Psychological Association released similar findings in 2013, citing that playing video games increases a child’s spatial navigation, reasoning, memory, and perception. The APA also found that even playing simple games such as Spot the Difference can even improve the player’s mood and decrease anxiety.


Unmatched Value with Unlimited Ad Free Play

Rooplay is the “Netflix of Games for Kids”.  With a single $3.99 monthly subscription you can access all 500 games.  Rooplay CEO Jason Williams takes prides in the fact that Rooplay protects children from suggestive advertisements that are often inappropriate. “Whether you are a subscriber or not,” Williams says, “your children’s play on Rooplay will never be interrupted by any kind of advertisement or links to outside websites.”  This type of commitment to safety gives parents confidence to allow their kids more time with games.


If you’re looking for a game solution for your children, Rooplay has plenty of options to keep them entertained (and learning) for hours.  Download Rooplay for free and enjoy some time with Garfield today!

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