How often are new games added?

New games are added to the Rooplay platform each and every week!

What sort of games are on Rooplay?

All of our games are selected and developed using our high standards by industry experts with a focus on quality.

We create Rooplay Original games in partnership with our licensed brand partners such as Garfield, Mr. Bean, Mr. Men and Moomin that are not only fun to play and 100% safe for children to access but also include a variety of educational and creative fun game types including; puzzles, coloring, dressup, racing, STEM, reading and writing, problem solving, math, matching and critical thinking.

What age range is Rooplay for?

Rooplay is designed for children between the ages of 2 to 8 years old.

How can I get free access to new games?

Rooplay has an exclusive group called Roopers which is made of parents and their children from around the world who playtest our games.

It's completely free of cost and easy to participate in!

Here's how it works:

Sign up with your info and be sent games to try in the comfort of your own home

Rooplay selects a group of Roopers each month and sends them the game playtest invitation

Play the game (for free) and complete the short game experience survey

Be ready each and every month to possibly be selected to receive access to another free game!

I don't remember signing up or I would like to cancel, how do I find out about this?

The only way to receive a charge is if the mobile app was installed on a device or the free trial was activated via our website and the trial was completed.

For mobile:

You can go here to see all of your devices associated with your account:


Once you have the right device please follow these instructions:

Your account will remain unlocked and have access to hundreds of games until your full month is complete. After that, you have the option to subscribe again or play the free game of the day.